Helping Bolivian Pastors Know God Better And Love Him More!

We believe that the key to reaching the world is the church. The key to building the church are the leaders in the church. It is our goal to ignite within Bolivian church pastors and leaders a passion for Jesus and an ability to impact their mission field.


Hello from Cochabamba! We are going full steam helping Bolivian Church Leaders Know God Better and Love Him More. Look around our site and let me know if you need anything.


Pray For Us

We believe that the most powerful person on earth is a praying Christian. We are seeking 300 people to pray for us as least once a week.


Life In Bolivia

Living cross culturally is an adventure everyday. It is our desire to help people understand the reality of life on the mission field. Read more...

Mission Committees

In order to help you as you do your due diligence, I have prepared an entire section of my website just for you. Read more...

We Can't Wait To Get To Know You!

We sincerely hope that coming to our website allows you to fall in love with missions and get to know our family and ministry. These pages, photos and videos are honest, humorous, transparent, and hopefully informative. Jump in the site--the water is fine!

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